Se dispara el consumo de cannabis medicinal durante emergencia

Los productos más vendidos son la flor y los comestibles a base de cannabis

Por Lynet Santiago Túa

Medical cannabis dispensaries reflect a significant increase in demand for medical cannabis products in recent weeks that could be associated with the state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid19).

The company B Well Healing Center that markets products derived from cannabis flower, reported an increase of 2o% in sales of these products.

"It has been seen that patients need the drug, and in other jurisdictions in the United States, we have seen how they have made the sale of medical cannabis more flexible because it is a real alternative for patients," said Carmen Serrano, owner of the six B Well dispensaries. on the island.

"We recently opened a dispensary in Bayamón and it is as if it had been there for a long time," Serrano acknowledged, due to the flow of visits.

Among the products that sell the most, he mentioned the flower because it is the cheapest product and the foodstuffs such as panetelas and gummies.

"In groceries is where there is more rise because they are more discreet and the duration is longer," he explained about these products used mainly as a suppressant for pain and calm anxiety.

Similarly, Marni Meistrell, co-founder of Tropizen, a company with headquarters and operation for the cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis in Canóvanas, assured this newspaper: "Our sales for this month of March have reached the highest level experienced since we started operations, with a 100% increase over the previous month. Patients are visiting dispensaries more frequently to ensure they have their medicine available in an emergency. Sales have increased significantly. "

"Our message to patients is to remain calm. We are recruiting additional staff to increase our manufacturing capacity and continue to supply clinics," said Meistrell.

According to Serrano, 80% of the transactions are people who come directly to the dispensaries looking for the products, so they are examining the possibility of offering home delivery services and direct delivery in cars.

At the moment, these alternatives are not available because they do not have inspected vehicles that are regulated by law and by the Department of Health.



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