Famosa bloguera lo deja todo y se muda a selva sudamericana

La australiana asegura que es más feliz que nunca.

Por Christian Monzón

Freelee era una youtuber famosa en Australia. Promovía ideas veganas y era seguida por miles de personas, hasta que un día desapareció y no se supo nada de ella por meses, hasta que en febrero apareció en Instagram con un drástico cambio.

En dicha plataforma, se veía a la mujer desnuda en una zona tropical, lo que dejó a muchos desconcertados. ¿Qué fue lo que pasó con ella? Simple, se fue a vivir a la selva sudamericana.

Según informa el Daily Mail, la youtuber de 37 años se aburrió del mundo occidental y de llevar "vida de esclava" al trabajar cinco días a la semana y junto a su pareja decidieron dar un brutal cambio de vida.

Ahora vive desnuda en la naturaleza con el siguiente lema: "Quiero inspirarme y sentir algo significativo todos los días".

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Y en su cuenta de Instagram inaugurada en febrero relata como son sus jornadas, en donde se ducha con el agua de las lluvias, pasa todo el día comiendo sanamente ya que consume frutos de los árboles del lugar y bebe de los riachuelos de la zona.

"¿Que si ahora voy a estar desnuda en cada fotografía? Sí, desnuda en la jungla. Libre de ropa, etiquetas, zapatos, maquillaje y depilación. Simplemente, uno se siente bien", expresó en una de las imágenes que sube.

En ese sentido, relató que dejó crecerse su vello corporal y que gracias a su nueva vida logró ahorrar miles de dólares en productos de belleza, asegurando que se ve y se siente mejor que nunca.

So how do ya like ma coconuts? 😸…I just love seeing my DIY coconut bowl collection growing 😍It feels really empowering to make things myself rather than pay others. You might think "Oh I could never learn to do that, I'm just not good at that stuff" and that's where you are wrong. I grew up without a shred of do-it-yourself experience, I was taught by this consumerist society that it's better to just buy something rather than attempt to create it yourself. Sure, it may be quicker and easier but where is the personal satisfaction in that? Everytime I use the bowls I feel a sense of purpose and pride. You try, make mistakes (eg. hole in bottom of one bowl) but you learn and become more skilled, confident and powerful each time. Save money and become a stronger, freer woman with each project. 💪 Remember – If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you, if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. #gofreeyourself

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Sometimes you gotta just sit back and laugh at how bizarre it all is. Take the nipple for instance. There is currently a war being waged against the nipple, but only the female nipple of course. Women can pretty much sustain life straight from our nipples yet they are so taboo that even Barbie dolls are nipp-less. Instagram has banned the female areola, however, there is a page with close ups of both men and womens nipples @genderless_nipples and guess what? Ofcourse Instagram cannot tell the difference so the pics are allowed…🤷‍♀️I wonder whether this Matisia fruit will set off the sinful nipple detector? We can mostly thank the porn industry and puritanical religious views for this ridiculous inequality. #gofreeyourself #freethenipple

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Lately I go days without looking in the mirror even once, and I find it incredibly freeing. This was definitely not always the case. As a young woman I became obsessed with my reflection. I would spend hours a day analysing and comparing. Was it because I was vain? Because I thought I was too perfect for this world? On the contrary, I saw a face filled with 'imperfections'. I believed the story I was told by advertisements, that I was born inadequate and in desperate need of enhancement. I saw normal human charateristics as defects to be erased or covered; to be ashamed of. I hated my skin, especially my freckles. My smile was too narrow and my teeth too crooked. My top lip too skinny. Eyes not big enough. My hair too fine. The reality is, I didn't see the real me in the mirror. I didn't see the cheeky girl who loved to explore nature for hours and play in the dirt and creeks, instead I saw the ugly lies the beauty industry fed me. I've now been many months without makeup, fake lashes, creams, treatments etc and it feels so damn liberating. Remember, you were not born flawed, you were born into a flawed system. You were designed to be wild and free, to get dirty, to love and laugh, to explore and experience this beautiful planet – not to stress over your humanness. Don't buy the lie$ #gofreeyourself

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When I was 17 I developed an eating disorder; anorexia. I would often eat less than 500 calories in a day, and sometimes, nothing at all. When I was 19 I became addicted to cocaine and ecstasy. My nails were brittle and my hair was falling out. My skin was covered in acne bumps. By the time I was 21 I had swapped anorexia for bulimia and was binge-eating till I was in agony, purging daily. I developed serious digestive issues and suicidal depression. I felt helpless after seeing every specialist in the book. One day I went to my usual yoga class and there was a new teacher. She was so incredibly vibrant and energetic. I felt drawn to speak to her. She told me she was vegan, and loved fruit. Little does she know that she helped save my life that day. Never give up. #gofreeyourself

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