A sus 43 años, mujer presume cuerpo luego de 7 hijos

Jessica Enslow tiene siete hijos y un cuerpo de infarto que ha revolucionado a sus seguidores de Instagram, que aún no pueden creer su auténtica edad

Por Luisa María Godínez

Esta mujer fitness ha saltado a la fama en los últimos meses, no solo por su perfecta figura, sino por su apariencia tan juvenil que lleva parece de 20 años.

En realidad tienes 43 años, por eso Jessica Enslow ha creado una cuenta en Instagram en la que comparte fotos junto a su hija, que parece su hermana.

Su envidiable figura es producto de un tremendo esfuerzo. Después de haber dado a luz a siete hijos, necesitaba ponerse en forma.

The ship has sailed ⛵️ on a 2018 New Year’s post for me, 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’ll spare you my year in review, as I’m sure we’ve all seen at least 200-300 years worth of people’s lives in the past few days! 😂 And so here we find ourselves on a #transformationtuesday & yes, I know I’m 9 months pregnant & in labor with @codyenslow on the left, but as I’ve said before, anyone who thinks pregnancy transformations don’t count probably has never given birth! Not only do you often gain some extra fat, but a woman’s uterus stretches to 500 times it’s normal size, and then returns to its normal size within about a month! Yes, our bodies are so resilient, especially when we take care of them. I’ve realized that if you find something you love, you’re more likely to stick with it! I now know I pretty much hate plyometrics & running, but I love #weighttraining & #cardio on the elliptical. I’m done following the trends & fads that come & go. Thanks to @shaneheugly I know that any form of cardio will work & luckily for me, weight lifting will help sculpt & shape your physique nicely. 👌🏼 Here’s to achieving our goals in 2018! Happy New Year friends! 🎉♥️ • • • • • • #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitmums #fitmamas #fitmoms #transformations #weightlosstips #trainlikeagirl #loveyourselfmore #abworkout #armworkout #fitspo #utahfitfam #utah #utahfitness #howtoloseweight #antiaging #postpartum #countingmacros #momswholift #momlife #pregnantlife #beachbody #bikinibody #glowup #bodyafterbaby #girlsgonesporty

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Así inició la vida fitness y el resultado salta a la vista: ¡increíble!

Jessica ha compartido fotos del antes y después, mostrando que se ve mejor que cuando tenía entre 20 y 30 años.

En poco tiempo se ha convertido en un modelo a seguir para todas aquellas mujeres que han perdido su figura a causa de embarazos o incluso de excesos.

Con una dieta equilibrada y con constancia en el ejercicio físico, es posible recuperar el peso y las medidas deseadas.

Lucha constante

Antes de dar a luz a su primer hijo, ella ya tenía problemas de peso y se vio a sí misma más "fea" después del parto.

Initially, I constructed a long post in response to a lot of negativity I’ve recently received for having 7 kids, but ultimately decided I didn’t need to dwell on the negativity here. 🙅🏻‍♀️ This is simply a portion of my journey in life & a platform that connects me to other amazing people and mothers who have an interest in supporting one another, not just physically but emotionally & spiritually. 😇 One question I get a lot is “How do you manage your time with so many children for working out, etc?” 😅 First of all, I have an amazing husband who is very supportive, older kids who can help here & there, plus parents and in-laws who are willing to help out when needed. I also know if there’s a will there’s a way. I started just working out at home, but once I began training with a professional trainer, it got to be too much for family, so I began paying for daycare at the gym. Now, my hubby & I have it set up where 3 days/week we go while they are all in school. I do cardio before anyone is awake on Mondays & we plan on going on Saturdays & will have an older child help out for a bit. It’s been an adjustment for us, but it’s working really well for now. I always say, “You do what you can!” Be strict about your goals & flexible on how to achieve them! There are plenty of moms out there who have made tons of progress from their own homes. Make modifications, if necessary, but we can all improve our health if we really want to! ♥️ • • • • • • #transformationtuesday #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitmums #fitmamas #fitmoms #transformations #weightlosstips #trainlikeagirl #loveyourselfmore #weighttraining #cardio #abworkout #armworkout #fitspo #utahfitfam #utah #utahfitness #howtoloseweight #antiaging #timeless #countingmacros #momswholift #momlife #eternallove #beachbody #bikinibody #bikiniprep #girlsgonesporty #fitover40

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Según reveló en una entrevista, se deprimió al comprobar que su cuerpo no se recuperaba, no hizo nada para arreglarlo hasta después de su quinto y su sexto hijo.

Comenzó a correr en una caminadora y a hacer abdominales, de manera que logró irse encontrando mejor, el cambio más drástico tuvo lugar después del más pequeño.

Allí se volcó en el fitness y abrió su perfil de Instagram para ir mostrando su evolución. Asegura que le costó mucho trabajo al principio, pero que no desfalleció.

If it were up to me, #fall would last forever 🍁🍂♥️ Yesterday I just did #cardio {20 min #hiit + 40 min #liss on the elliptical} I’m taking a #restday today. I am pretty much sore from head to toe from my #weighttraining this week🏋🏼‍♀️ I’ve been wanting to incorporate #yoga into my regimen for awhile now, so I might do that today 🧘‍♀️💕🙏🏼 I could definitely use more flexibility 🙆🏼‍♀️ Happy Friday friends! 💃🏻 #ootd #oldnavy #naturesbeauty #nature_brilliance #fashiongirls #photooftheday #dailydoseofcolor #shootandshare #livethelittlethings #momentsofmine #motherhoodrising #mothermag #ootdfashion #howyouglow #nothingisordinary #thatauthenthicfeeling #chooselovely #prettylittlethings #enjoythelittlethings #theeverygirl #utah #utahgram #utahblogger

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1. Do I have stretchmarks? Yes, a few on my hips, none on my stomach. 2. Have I had a tummy tuck or any surgery to fix loose skin or my belly in any way? Nope! 3. How long does it take to for your belly to go back to “normal”? This depends on your genetics, diet and exercise regimen. It even differed for me with each pregnancy, but I never felt “back to normal” physically or emotionally until at least a year after giving birth. Obviously, stretch marks and loose skin depends on genetic factors or if you end up having twins, etc. 4. Did I give birth to all of my 7 kids? Yes, each singleton births. Four from my first marriage, 3 from my current marriage. 5. Am I overpopulating the earth? Only with the best of the best! 👌🏼😂👶🏼👦🏼👧🏼👱🏼‍♀️👶🏻👩🏻👦🏻 #sorryboutit #notsorry 😘♥️ Happy weekend friends!!!

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