Candidata de Miss Universe Filipinas se retira tras dar positivo a COVID-19

Maria Isabela Galeria hizo el lamentable anuncio a través de las redes sociales

Por Metro Puerto Rico

La joven Maria Isabela Galeria, candidata de Miss Universe Filipinas 2020, tuvo que abandonar el certamen luego de arrojar positivo a una prueba de coronavirus COVID-19.

La ahora exrepresentante de Sorsogon, aseguró a través de sus redes sociales que sentía síntomas desde el pasado 27 de septiembre.

La beldad filipina dimite a días de las competencias preliminar y final, las cuales se realizarán la próxima semana.

La final del concurso, donde Gazini Ganados coronará a su sucesora, se celebrará el próximo 25 de octubre. La ganadora representará a ese país en Miss Universo 2020.

Filipinas ha ganado dos de las últimas cinco ediciones del concurso internacional. En 2015 alcanzaron la corona con Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach y en 2018 repitieron la hazaña con Catriona Elisa Gray.

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Marhay na Adlaw tabi sa indo gabos♥️ As you may all know, I tested positive for COVID19. I started to develop signs and symptoms on September 27, 2020, starting with nasal congestion and loss of sense of taste/smell. I occasionally felt like there was something heavy on my chest. Fortunately, it was bearable and didn't progress to a more severe level of DOB (Difficulty of Breathing). I then started to manifest rashes accompanied by extreme itchiness and dry skin. I woke up last October 3 with red, itchy, and teary eyes. I was under a handful of medications for more than two weeks to manage my symptoms. Following the 14-day quarantine, I was supposed to be released on October 8. As per protocol, I needed to be asymptomatic for three days before discharge. Unfortunately, I was still manifesting some symptoms. Last October 11, DOH declared my dad and me as COVID SURVIVORS. Praise be to God!! I'm forever grateful to each of you who invested so much time and effort in helping me through this journey; however, even with a strong will to fight, my body is not well conditioned yet. With a heavy heart, I believe now is not the right time to join the pageant. I still feel tired, and I don't think my body will allow me to participate in the activities of Miss Universe Philippines. I hope you understand this is something beyond my control. I've thought hard and cried for so many nights about this. I have the willpower, but my body is not cooperating. I'm praying for your utmost understanding. I love you all!! Mahal na Mahal ko kamo!! 😭♥️ Salamatunon tabi sa gabos 🙏♥️ This is your Miss Universe Philippines SORSOGON 2020, Maria Isabela Galeria

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