Comprometen a ex Miss Universe P. R.

Encontró el amor en un viaje que hizo a Nepal

Por Metro Puerto Rico

La ex Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Monic Marie Pérez, anunció a través de sus redes sociales que contraerá matrimonio muy pronto.

Pérez conoció a Sean Einhaus, oriundo de Nepal, hace dos años en un viaje que realizó junto a su mejor amiga.

"El 17 de diciembre de 2017, ¡me pidió que me casara con él! Quiero envejecer y amar para siempre. Alguien que me entiende, comparte las mismas pasiones, puede manejarme en mi peor momento (6 am a 9 am todas las mañanas), y bueno, simplemente me hace una mejor persona. Estoy tan feliz y emocionada" (sic.), escribió la también modelo junto a varias imágenes que publicó en sus cuentas sociales.

Hasta el momento, Monic es la última puertorriqueña en clasificar en Miss Universo. Esta fue parte del Top 16 de la edición de 2013 del certamen que se hizo en Moscú, Rusia, y ganó la venezolana María Gabriela Isler.

Mira las fotos

two years ago I traveled to Nepal spontaneously with @zaina_gohou because we wanted to experience a different and spiritual culture. We booked our flights that same week and I almost changed my mind last minute because I wasn’t too sure about doing this 20hr trip for just 5 days. We arrived one evening at the beautiful Dwarika’s Hotel and while @seaneinhaus was having dinner with his family, his mom asked him to kindly say hello to the two girls who had just arrived since this was his family’s hotel and he should “make them feel welcome since they are far from home”. I’ll fast forward a bit but it was the best trip of my life and without getting too mushy on insta, I met who I believe to be my twin soul. 🤗 When I think about it, the way it all happened was so organic and effortless. It was the beginning of the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Two months ago, we decided to do a 5-day trekking trip for the first time to celebrate our 2 years of meeting in Nepal. On our last day, December 17th 2017, he asked me to marry him! I can’t even fully express how grateful I am to have met the person I want to grow old with and love forever. Someone who understands me, shares the same passions, raps with me in the car, can handle me at my worst (6am-9am every morning), and well, just makes me a better person. I’m so happy and excited for all that’s to come and to do life with my best friend. All I have to say is, thank you @zaina_gohou. ♥️✨ (sharing trekking pics and moments after the engagement 🙃)

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