Fotos: Bebé de un año no ha parado de viajar desde que nació

Hasta ahora, la pequeña no ha vivido en un lugar fijo

Por Adriana García

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Very sad to be leaving Ubud today. Nestled in the heart of Bali's jungle it has so much to discover and explore. It is a nice place to be with a baby. We visited monkey forest and wandered around beautiful rice terraces hidden behind the bustling streets. The streets are littered with little shops selling colourful dresses, scarves and harem pants (proper mum attire), beautiful home furnishings and much more. So many nice places to eat, it is ridiculously affordable for good food. There is definitely a hippy vibe going on as it is a big hub for yogis. There is an abundance of places to practice. This is the only activity I feel I missed out on because of clingy baby.. As you can see she likes to stay close! Turned out to be quite helpful as not a great place for a buggy. If you are thinking of coming to Bali, I highly recommend Ubud. Now for the next part of our adventure .. Nusa Lembongen Island here we come .. #travel #travelingwithababy #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #picoftheday #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #familytravel #livingthedream #baby #babywearing #bali #ubud #indonesia #jungle

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To this amazing man who has missed UK fathers day because of traveling. Today we will celebrate NZ Father's Day. Thank you for being the most wonderful caring and compassionate father. Our little girl is so luck to have you. I spent 9 months wondering what you would be like as a dad because I found it so hard to imagine. Now I can't imagine you not a dad. You are wonderful 💜💜💜💜. I hope we can make today special for you! #fathersday #dad #bestdad #surfer #kiwi #nz #daughter #bali #travel #travelingwithababy #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #wonderlust #familytravel #takethekids #travelwithkids #livingthedream #baby #mumblogger #travelblogger #blogger #tdads

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Después de 10 semanas de tener a su primer bebé, Karen Edwards y su pareja, Shaun Baynes, decidieron dejar su apartamento en Londres, Reino Unido, y salir a recorrer el mundo como mochileros.

Desde entonces los tres visitaron Singapur, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Indonesia, Malasia, Vietnam, Taiwán y Hong Kong.

Ahora, la pequeña Esmé tiene 17 meses de edad y ya es una mochilera “experimentada”. Todos sus buenos momentos fueron compartidos en las redes sociales.

Además, su madre de 31 años creó el blog Travel Mad Mum, con el objetivo de inspirar a otros padres de familia a viajar.

Esta pequeña nació en Londres, pero su mamá es irlandesa y su papá neozelandés.

Antes de que naciera Esmé, sus padres eran mochileros.

Cuando Karen y Shaun le anunciaron a sus familiares y amigos que llevarían a la pequeña con ellos, muchos los tacharon de “locos”.

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